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How to reset Apple iPad tablet

How To Factory Reset Windows 11

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Reset iPad to Factory Settings


The iPad is known to be reliable. However, no one is immune from a software failure. So one day you may have to reset your tablet. Although this operation does not present any risk for your device, all data stored in the memory will be automatically erased. Here is the procedure to do a factory reset on an iPad..

Reset iPad to Factory Settings

If you want to sell, trade in or give away your tablet, it is advisable to reset it to its factory settings. The purpose of this operation is to reinstall a clean version of iOS as if your iPad came out of the box.

Factory reset is also an easy and effective way to erase all of your personal data from the device's storage space. Your music, photos, applications and settings (Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth pairing, etc.) will be automatically deleted..

In the event of a sale, this will allow you to ensure that none of your data falls into the wrong hands. In addition, the new owner will feel like they bought a brand new iPad, straight out of the factory.