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Measure your carbon footprint linked to your smartphone activities

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The digital carbon footprint continues to grow
Calculate your digital footprint


Today, everyone is aware that online browsing, watching videos on the Internet, emailing or streaming music contribute to global warming. You may be wondering what impact all of his online activities have on your personal ecological footprint. The application presented in this article will help you assess the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted according to your uses on the internet..

The digital carbon footprint continues to grow

When it was created, the Internet was presented as a solution to environmental problems. Electronic messages, the dematerialization of documents (reduction of paper consumption) were to drastically reduce CO2 emissions in the world.

But contrary to what many believed, the massive use of the internet generates significant greenhouse gas emissions. Dematerialization requires a change of organization and an investment in machinery..

Smartphones, computers, routers, servers and Boxes are real natural resource gulfs. To make a smartphone, for example, you need more than 70 different materials (rare earths, gold, silver, copper, plastic, aluminum, etc.), water but also chemicals.

You may not know it, but between the place of design, extraction of minerals, manufacture of components and assembly, each smartphone produced has traveled around the world several times. Concretely, even before being used, your phone already has a strong impact on the environment..

But that's not all. It also takes energy to power all these machines. A message posted on social networks passes through a large number of installations (servers, datacenter) scattered around the world. The use of digital technology is not an eco-responsible solution.

Calculate your digital footprint

Digital technologies and in particular the storage and transfer of data generate significant ecological costs. According to experts, the internet pollutes more than the world's civil aviation. To reduce this impact, Bouygues Telecom has just launched the Mon empreinte smartphone application.

Once installed on your phone, it will analyze your online usage and measure the carbon footprint of your internet consumption (4G / 5G or Wi-Fi).