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How to install Windows 11 update on your PC

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Windows 11 Installation Guide
Download Windows 11 Insider version
Can I run Windows 11 on my computer


The launch date for Windows 11 is set for October 5. While waiting for the official release, Microsoft is making a stable version of the latest version of its operating system available for free download. This guide shows you how to get and install the free Windows 11 update on your computer..

Windows 11 Installation Guide

Do you have a computer and want to be able to test the new features of Windows 11 (widgets, virtual desktops and the new Microsoft Store)? The official rollout of Microsoft's new operating system will begin on October 5 on eligible devices.

If you are in a hurry, know that the American software company offers Windows users to obtain the update to Windows 11 free of charge. The only requirement is to register for the Windows Insider program (software test program) and have a PC eligible for the update..

Can I run Windows 11 on my computer

Before you start to download the update, you will need to check that your PC is compatible with the latest version of Windows. There is no point in following this guide if your machine is not eligible for the free Windows 11 update.

To check your PC's compatibility with Windows 11, Microsoft has uploaded the PC Health app. You will find on this page a guide to understand how this utility works: is my PC compatible with Windows 11? As a reminder, here is the minimum configuration recommended by Microsoft..

  • Compatible 1 Ghz or more 64-bit processor
  • 4 gigabytes or more of random access memory (RAM)
  • 64 GB of available hard disk memory

Once you have completed this step, you will need to register for the Windows Insider program. Note that this operation is completely free. You should also be careful to never download a beta version on your main computer. These tend to be full of bugs.

Download Windows 11 Insider version

Microsoft is previewing the stable version of Windows 11 to members of the Windows Insider program. Now let's see how to register for this program and how to download the latest version of Windows.

  • Make sure you have administrator rights on your computer under Windows 10
  • Then open your PC settings by right clicking on the Windows button in the taskbar
  • Select the update and security section
  • Click on the Windows Insider Program section in the right column
  • You will then be prompted to activate optional diagnostic data by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Then press the start button
  • In the section choose an account to start, click on the + button
  • Enter your Microsoft account credentials
  • Select the Release Preview section
  • Read the privacy statement and terms of use
  • Press the confirm button
  • Click the restart now button
  • Then go back to your PC settings
  • Select the Update and security section then Windows Update
  • Press the check for updates button
  • Download the latest Windows 11 version of Insider Preview based on the settings you selected

Now all you have to do is wait while the new operating system is installed on your machine. Note that your PC should restart several times during the installation process. Make sure your computer is plugged into an electrical outlet.