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Introducing the invisible wireless charger for iPhone from Ikea

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SJÖMÄRKE, the completely invisible wireless charger
Technical characteristics of SJÖMÄRKE


Wireless chargers are constantly improving to make our lives easier. Latest innovation: the invisible Qi wireless charger that turns any desk or table into an iPhone charging base. getFastAnswer explains how it works in detail in this article..

SJÖMÄRKE, the completely invisible wireless charger

When you arrive at work or at home, you tend to take your smartphone out of your pocket to put it on a table or desk. We do it daily without even realizing it.

This mechanical and automatic gesture could soon have another use than that of consulting its notifications in the blink of an eye. Indeed, the Swedish firm Ikea has just developed a completely invisible wireless charging solution..

Rather than installing a QI wireless charger stand on a table or desk, the kit furniture sales company has devised a system that is placed under the table top using double tape. face.

No more bulky dock or unsightly charging mat. The SJÖMÄRKE (name of Ikea's wireless charger) blends in completely with the background. The Swedish company still has a small transparent adhesive to stick on the desk. This will allow you to know exactly where to place your phone to charge it..

The device works on different surfaces (wood or plastic) of at least 8 mm with the exception of metal. However, it will be necessary to ensure that the support is not more than 22 millimeters thick. If you have a high-end desk or piece of furniture, this might cause some problems. You still have another option to increase the autonomy of the iPhone namely the shell with integrated battery.

Technical characteristics of SJÖMÄRKE

The Ikea wireless charging station consists of an aluminum and plastic block approximately 17 cm long and 9 cm wide, a power supply unit, 4 strips of double-sided adhesive tape and 2 stickers to mark the ideal location of this new charging point.

Important detail, the system is intended for indirect recharging through a table or a shelf. You should not place your phone directly in contact with the wireless charger. The SJÖMÄRKE also has an LED status light to track the charging status of your device. When charging, the LED is on and then goes off when the phone battery has just reached 100%.

Note that the Ikea wireless charger does not have MFI certification. However, the SJÖMÄRKE supports the latest QI 1.2.4 standard ensuring charging up to a maximum of 5W. The product therefore does not provide fast charging.

The SJÖMÄRKE wireless charger is for sale on the Ikea website at a price of 29.99 euros. There you have it, you now know how to charge a phone very simply.