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Is my PC compatible with Windows 11?

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Minimum hardware requirements
How can I be sure that my computer is running Windows 11


Microsoft has unveiled its new operating system for PC called Windows 11. As with every release of a new OS, many computer owners wonder if their machine has the system resources necessary to make this new version of Windows function. Here is a method to verify that your PC is compatible with Windows 11..

Minimum hardware requirements

Microsoft has just introduced its latest PC operating system. The first images augur for the best. The interface has been completely reworked. There are new transparent windows with rounded corners as well as a brand new Auto HDR function to optimize the rendering of games on the screen.

Obviously to benefit from all these improvements, your computer will have to have solid technical characteristics. However, Microsoft wanted its new system to be accessible to as many people as possible..

Windows 11 will therefore be available on a wide range of computers as evidenced by the minimum configuration criteria published by Microsoft. To be able to install the Windows 11 update, your PC must have at least.

  • A 64-bit processor running at 1 GHz or higher with at least two cores
  • 4 GB of random access memory (RAM)
  • A hard drive with a storage capacity of 64 GB or more
  • A compatible screen of at least 9 inches (which automatically excludes smartphones and small tablets including certain Surface PC models)
  • A graphics chip compatible with DirectX12
  • A Secure Boot compatible Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) system. Firmware contained in a chip on the motherboard replacing the BIOS.

Note that the family (Home) versions of Windows 11 will require an internet connection and a Microsoft account. These two mandatory elements will allow the configuration of the operating system..

How can I be sure that my computer is running Windows 11

Not everyone has access to the technical documentation for their computer. Do not panic. If you have any doubts about any of the components on your PC, be aware that Microsoft provides you with a free tool called PC Health Check.

As its name suggests, this utility will perform various tests to assess the technical capabilities of your computer. And the icing on the cake, its interface is entirely in French. At the end of the process, the software will tell you if your machine is eligible for the update to Windows 11.

  • Open your favorite browser on your computer
  • Download PC Health Check software for Windows
  • Click on the utility icon to start the installation process
  • During the first launch you will be asked to accept the license agreement
  • Once the box is checked, press the install button
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen
  • At the end of the installation operation, a message will ask you to click on the finish button to launch the utility.
  • In the left column will display some brief information about your computer (onboard RAM, amount of storage memory as well as the age of the machine)
  • Then press the blue check now button image
  • Wait a few seconds

A pop-up window will tell you if your machine meets the minimum system requirements to install Windows 11. If the answer is yes, you can switch to the new operating system for free. To do this, you will need to download and then install the update which will be offered free of charge during the fall.