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How to hide the number of likes on your Instagram posts

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Why want to hide likes on Instagram
How to activate likes masking


Likes on Instagram are living their last days. The social network for sharing photos has decided to add a new function to hide the number of likes that your posts receive from other users..

Why want to hide likes on Instagram

We know it now. The use of social networks generates stress, anxiety and a feeling of loneliness. Studies show that some users are jealous of photos posted by other members.

The quest for more and more likes has deleterious effects on the social life and psyche of Internet users. There is nothing worse than posting a photo and finding that it does not meet the desired success. Some people live it as a shame. In this tutorial, you will find tips on how to reduce your Instagram addiction..

Instagram has been testing new features for several years to reduce this pressure and end this race for likes. The social network began to hide likes on a number of accounts during the year 2019.

The American company has decided to extend this functionality to all accounts. Users will decide for themselves what they want to display. They can thus decide to hide the number of views or the likes for a specific post, for all of your publications..

How to activate likes masking

The new tool set up by Instagram aims to reduce social pressures and give more importance to content. This will allow subscribers to focus on posts rather than the number of likes.

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone
  • Click on your profile tab
  • Tap the menu icon (3 lines) in the upper right corner
  • Select the settings option
  • Go to the Privacy menu
  • Look for the Publications section
  • Press the switch next to the heading Hide the number of likes and views
  • Snapshots displayed in the Instagram feed will no longer display any counts

All of this will help strengthen ties with its community while improving the user experience. Some will regret these changes. But it should be understood that the social network wished to bet on the well-being and the health of their users.