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Where to download the European health pass?

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How to get your health pass
What is the European health pass used for?


The holidays are fast approaching. If you plan to travel to a European country in the next few days, remember to download the European health pass before leaving. This document will help you with travel formalities when traveling within the European Union..

How to get your health pass

The number of vaccinations is increasing in most countries of the world. Many countries are starting to reopen their borders to tourists despite maintaining certain restrictive measures linked to the coronavirus.

Travel in the European Union and within the Schengen area during this pandemic period may be a little more complicated. The implementation of the European health pass incorporating a QR code will allow free movement without hindrance..

The European health pass is available on the health insurance website. Once connected, two solutions are available to you. Either print it on a sheet of paper or you transfer it to the TousAntiCovid application.

  • Launch your favorite web browser
  • Go to the vaccine attestation page of the health insurance website image
  • Click on the button Identify with Franceconnect
  • Enter the identifiers of your Améli account
  • You can also use your Franceconnect account to identify yourself
  • Download the vaccination certificate with the QR Code in DCC format
  • Once the PDF file has been saved on your hard drive, you can print it or transfer it to your Android smartphone in order to present it to the authorities during a control.
  • You can also scan it in the TousAntiCovid application
  • The new QR Code is stored directly in the My notebook section

Please note that the French health pass has a two-dimensional bar code (2D-Doc) different from the one available on the European health pass. Be careful not to confuse them. Similarly if you opt for paper printing, remember to fold the document as specified in the explanatory note of the Cnam..

Indeed, the paper document contains confidential data on your state of health. You only have to present the QR Code during an inspection and nothing else. It should also be noted that this code cannot be exempted from the specific procedures put in place by the country to which you wish to go.

What is the European health pass used for?

Do you dream of turquoise water and warm sand? Problem many countries have put in place restrictive measures (quarantine) to slow the circulation of the virus. The implementation of the European health pass aims to facilitate your travel within the European Union.

Important detail, it is free but not compulsory to travel on European territory. The QR Code can be read throughout Europe. To get this precious sesame, you must have received at least one dose of vaccine. It will subsequently be extended to people cured of Covid-19 and to those who have carried out a very recent negative test.