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How to Download Music from Spotify to Your Apple Watch

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Spotify offers offline mode on Apple Watch
Download your playlist to your smartwatch
Control your music playback with Siri


Have you just signed up for a Spotify Premium subscription and you have an Apple Watch connected watch? Wish you could listen to your music offline wherever you are? Here is how to download music tracks and podcasts from Spotify to your Apple smartwatch..

Spotify offers offline mode on Apple Watch

The announcement fell on Monday. The Spotify music streaming platform now offers its Premium subscribers the possibility to download their favorite playlists, albums and podcasts to the Apple Watch in order to listen to them offline (without an internet connection).

The deployment of this new feature has just started and will be spread over the next few weeks. To check that the Spotify app is up to date on your phone and smartwatch, just go to the Apps Store app store..

  • Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the window (icon with your photo or the first letter of your first name)
  • Scroll down to view pending updates
  • Locate the line titled Spotify
  • Click on the update button next to the name of the app

Important detail, this feature is available on all Watch Series 3 connected watches or higher with at least WatchOS 6.0. However, the music platform recommends Watch0S 7.1 to take full advantage of all the new features.

Download your playlist to your smartwatch

Now let's move on to the practical exercises. In this section, we'll see how to transfer a playlist to Apple Watch. It should be noted, however, that the Apple Watch has a much smaller storage space than the iPhone..

The 5,6 or SE series offer 32 GB while the older series like the 3 and 4 must be satisfied with 8 and 16 GB respectively. You may need to clean up your playlists a bit. .

  • Open the Spotify app on your iPhone
  • Go to the playlist, album or podcast you want to transfer to your Apple Watch
  • Click on the Menu button (3 dots) placed next to it
  • Choose the option Download to Apple Watch
  • Then open the Download section of the watch to follow the progress of the transfer
  • As soon as the process comes to an end, you will see a small green arrow appear next to the name of the playlist.

There you go, all you have to do now is plug in your headphones and start the music. So you can enjoy your songs without the phone near you. The bit rate offered by Spotify is 96Kbps which corresponds for the platform to a so-called normal audio quality. As a reminder, this feature is reserved for owners of a Spotify Premium account.

Control your music playback with Siri

Free Spotify users will always be able to take comfort with the new Siri commands. This new device offers the possibility of controlling the playback of his music tracks directly from his wrist.

To do this, just say Hey Siri, followed by the command of your choice, such as play my relaxation playlist on Spotify. Don't forget to end each of your orders with the mention: on Spotify.

Note that this feature will also allow you to control your phone's audio settings such as volume. You can also skip a track or pause the playback of your songs.