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Never connect your iPhone to this Wi-Fi network

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What Wi-Fi network name can cripple Apple's smartphone?
How to fix the Wi-Fi bug affecting iPhone


An expert in computer security has just discovered that a simple Wi-Fi network can completely crash an iPhone and make it almost unusable. Then there is no way to connect to other Wi-Fi networks or to use the AirDrop functions. Here is everything you need to know about this mysterious bug affecting the iPhone..

What Wi-Fi network name can cripple Apple's smartphone?

Ten days ago, a safe search, Carl Schou had fun changing the name of his Wi-Fi network with a name for the less weird % p% s% s% s% s% n . But the story does not end there. After connecting his phone to his wireless internet access, he notices that the device's Wi-Fi stops working.

The simple fact of joining this network has totally paralyzed his iPhone. Unable to connect to any other Wi-Fi network afterwards. Strange as it may appear, a simple network name is enough to break the network functions of the iPhone. Please note, the bug also affects iPads as well as AirDrop functions..

But the worst part is that the failure persists even after restarting the iPhone. On the other hand, other wireless features such as Bluetooth or the 5G (or 4G) connection do not seem to be affected by this strange malfunction.

How to fix the Wi-Fi bug affecting iPhone

Obviously the first thing to do is never to try to connect to a Wi-Fi network whose name seems strange to you. Wi-Fi hotspots are not as harmless as you might think. In addition to the risk of data theft, we now know that an SSID can permanently deactivate the Wi-Fi function of its iPhone..

The information revealed by this security researcher could give some ideas to little pranksters. Moreover, a few hours after his revelations, the funny ones were quick to change the name of their Wi-Fi connection.

If you are the victim of this bug, no need to rush to the Genius Bar closest to you. It is possible to resolve the failure without going through Apple's after-sales service. To do this, simply reset the iPhone settings networks.

Please note that this operation will erase all the Wi-Fi connections saved on your phone and in particular the passwords associated with each network. Likewise, all Bluetooth pairings will be deleted. You will need to re-enter all your passwords.

  • Open your iPhone settings
  • Click on the General heading
  • Bring the window down
  • Select the Reset option
  • Tap the Reset network settings link
  • Confirm your choice

No doubt Apple is currently working on a fix to resolve this issue. In the meantime, better avoid having fun connecting to a Wi-Fi network with this funny name. It's never fun having to reset all of your wireless connections.