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How to find a stolen or lost computer

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Find my PC in Windows 10
Track your laptop


Losing or having your laptop stolen is one of the most annoying things around. In addition to the monetary value of the device, it contains hundreds of confidential data that could fall into the wrong hands. Fortunately, Windows PCs have a tracking system like on tablets or smartphones..

Find my PC in Windows 10

We have all known at least once this feeling of anguish that invades us when we cannot get our hands on your laptop. We search frantically in our bag, we take a look at the living room table and then we rush into the bedroom to look under the bed.

We then try to remember the last time we had it in our hands. Then we start looking several times in the same place or in totally improbable places like the refrigerator, without success..

Not knowing what to do, we start to imagine the worst. Laptops contain personal data (photos, bank details, documents, videos) that should not fall into the wrong hands. The feeling of dread felt at that moment is beyond anything one can imagine.

Track your laptop

You stole your PC, but you didn't install any security software. Are you wondering if there is a way to easily locate your computer? Rest assured, Windows now has a function to quickly find your device..

Very important detail, the localization system of your PC is deactivated by default. Here are the steps to activate it on your computer. Obviously this operation can only be done if you have your cell phone in your hands.

  • Open Windows settings
  • Click on the Update and security section
  • Then select the Find my device option in the left menu
  • Tap Enable location setting by tapping edit button
  • Go back to the previous page then Activate the option

Please note, this manipulation requires you to be logged in to your Microsoft account. Another important detail, this solution will only allow you to track your PC. Unlike Apple's or Android's security system, you won't be able to use it to lock or wipe your computer remotely.

Finally, position reporting requires the computer to be on and connected to the internet. These are two conditions that are essential for the proper functioning of the device.