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How to blur your house on Google Street View

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Request the blurring of your home
Important information to know before starting to blur your home


The Street View feature of Google Maps can be useful for locating a place before you get there. However, the precision of the details in the photos also poses some privacy concerns. This tutorial shows you how to blur your house on Google Maps..

Request the blurring of your home

Everyone knows this quote: let's live happily, let's live hidden. Perhaps you are one of those Internet users who do not want their accommodation to appear in Google Maps? Don't want your coworkers to know what your house looks like?

Good news. You have the option of asking Google to blur your home on Street View. And best of all, the process is actually very easy to set up. Even for people who don't know anything about computers.

  • Open your favorite web browser
  • Type in the URL field, the address of the Google Maps site: https://www.google.com/maps
  • Enter in the search field your full address (number, street name and city of your home)
  • Wait a few moments for the map to update
  • Once your address is displayed on the screen, click on the little yellow man in the lower left corner of the window
  • Keep your finger on the left mouse button and drag it to the location of your house on the map
  • Adjust the image using the mouse to be in front of your home
  • Click the Report a problem button at the bottom left of the screen
  • You will see the photo of your house appear in a red frame
  • Take care to frame your home using the Zoom buttons and the mouse
  • Then fill out the form
  • Check the My home box in the blur request section
  • You can also use this form to request blurring of your license plate or face
  • Google will then ask you to add additional information to help them blur the correct house.
  • Then enter your email address
  • Validate the captcha
  • Press the submit button

You will receive in your mailbox, a message automatically indicating that Google has received your request. Your complaint will be processed in the following days. A message will warn you once the house is blurred. As a reminder, here is how to use Google Maps Live View..

Important information to know before starting to blur your home

You should know that the blurring operation only concerns Street View images. Satellite photos of your home will remain available on the Google Maps site. Another important point is that it is not possible to cancel the blurring of your home.

Once the operation is complete, it is impossible to reverse. This could be embarrassing when reselling your home. Likewise, blurring a house can attract more attention from malicious people. They might think you are hiding valuables..