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Disable the WiFi connection of a Windows PC in one click

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Activate or deactivate using your PC keyboard
Turn off Wi-Fi from the taskbar
Manage your computer's Wi-Fi settings from the Windows configuration menu


All Windows laptops today are equipped with a wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi). Although very useful for surfing the web, you may come across situations in which you will need to turn off your PC's Wi-Fi. In this tutorial, we will find out how to turn off your computer's Wi-Fi function without turning it off..

Activate or deactivate using your PC keyboard

Wi-Fi uses high frequency radio waves to provide wireless internet connection to your PC. You can surf the web, watch an online video or reply to your emails without having to connect a cable to your computer.

Wi-Fi certainly has many advantages, but this technology also has some disadvantages. These include coverage or security issues (encryption methods). You will find in this guide some advice to improve the WiFi connection of your Android mobile..

Most of the latest generation boxes and routers offer the possibility of transmitting a signal on two different radio frequency bands. But you still have to know how to choose the right frequency in order to benefit from an ultra-fast connection. Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, which network to choose to improve your speed

The other known disadvantage of Wi-Fi concerns its energy consumption. This technology draws heavily on the resources of PC batteries. If you are not using your wireless internet connection, it is best to turn off the wireless adapter.

If you are using a laptop PC, there is a good chance that your keyboard has a shortcut to switch your computer to offline mode (airplane mode). This shortcut is symbolized by an icon in the form of a radio antenna..

  • Press the Fn key on your keyboard
  • The latter is usually found at the bottom left of the keyboard
  • Then while keeping the FN key pressed, press the one with the Wi-Fi symbol

This combination will allow you to turn your Wi-Fi connection on or off. Obviously the position of the keys varies depending on the model and brand of PC you are using. Note that some devices have a physical switch to manage the wireless connection.

Turn off Wi-Fi from the taskbar

Sometimes, some devices do not have a keyboard shortcut to activate airplane mode. Rest assured, it is possible to disable wireless access on your Windows laptop from the taskbar.

  • Click on the Wi-Fi symbol located in the lower right corner of the screen, right next to the clock
  • If iren does not appear, click on the arrow pointing up to show the hidden menu and bring up the Wi-Fi icon
  • After tapping on the Wi-Fi symbol, you will see a new window pop up with several options
  • A single press of the blue Wi-Fi button will allow you to deactivate your computer's wireless network
  • You can also click on the airplane mode button

Note that activating airplane mode will cut off all wireless communications, namely Wi-Fi but also Bluetooth. This may cause you some problems, especially if you are using a mouse or a Bluetooth headset.

Manage your computer's Wi-Fi settings from the Windows configuration menu

When you're on the go, it's best to save your PC's battery. It is therefore better to deactivate anything that is not useful and that consumes energy. The operation can be done directly from the Windows Network Connection Center.

  • Press the Windows key plus the X key to open the menu
  • Select the Network connections section
  • In the left menu, click on the Wi-Fi section
  • Press the switch to deactivate the wireless function of the PC