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Find out how to play Scrabble for free on Android

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The benefits of Scrabble
The Scrabble GO app
Word Crack in French


Young and old, Scrabble fans will be happy to learn that their favorite word game is now available as a mobile application. Enough to have a good time while working your brain..

The benefits of Scrabble

Scrabble has to mean something to you. This famous play on words created by a New York architect Alfred Mosher Butts has rocked several generations of player since its launch in 1948. A well-known French humorist has made a sketch of it.

Marketed in 121 countries and translated into 36 different languages ​​(including a Latin and Braille version), Scrabble continues to gain followers. According to a study, every hour more than 30,000 different games are played around the world..

And the phenomenon is likely to increase in the future since now Scrabble also exists in the form of smartphone applications. So you can play your favorite word game wherever you are.

As with the traditional board game, each participant has seven letters assigned by chance by the computer (or should I say by the smartphone). The goal is then to form words and earn as many points as possible..

Winning at Scrabble isn't always easy. You will need not only an excellent knowledge of French (vocabulary) but also knowing how to take advantage of the number of multiplying boxes available on the board.

Scrabble is good gymnastics for the brain. This game requires concentration, analysis and of course memory. It is one of the disciplines of choice for those who want muscles their neurons.

The Scrabble GO app

This is the official application of the game of Scrabble. You will therefore find the standard game board identical to the physical version as well as a dictionary. Regulars will quickly find their marks.

The application offers a very sophisticated interface making it easier to get started. The graphics and design are particularly successful. The whole thing runs very smoothly on most Android phones. Scrabble Go has several game modes.

  • Training mode: as the name suggests, you will be able to play one-on-one against the computer and refine your different techniques
  • Scrabble Leagues: this mode will allow you to compete against players from all over the world. Each victory will allow you to obtain chests and improve your ranking
  • Duels: You will only have 5 turns to make a difference with players of a similar level to yours. Be careful, the stopwatch is running.

Scrabble Go also has additional features like customizable word tiles and many rewards hidden in chests gleaned during competitions.

Word Crack in French

Word Crack is among the best letter games on mobile. You can play solo against your smartphone or other participants via the multiplayer mode. The rules are identical to the official version. So you will have to make words and get the most points.

Word Carck is a freemium. You will therefore be able to enrich your gaming experience with the help of option purchases. But unlike other apps, the free mode doesn't put a limit on your playing time.