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How to send and receive a fax without needing a fax machine

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Fax a document from your phone
The MyFax application


Nowadays, the purchase of a fax machine is not justified given the development of new communication tools (emails, social networks, SMS, encrypted messaging). However, many businesses and administrations still use the fax to communicate. We will detail a method to send and receive a fax from a smartphone..

Fax a document from your phone

Fax machines, also called faxes, became considerably more democratic during the 1980s. Businesses (real estate and health professionals), administrations and also individuals used them to send documents to each other.

Even if the fax continues to decline in the face of e-mails and instant chat applications, certain organizations remain very attached to this mode of communication, this is the case in particular for administrations. Moreover, the documents transmitted by fax are used most of the time to carry out administrative procedures..

However, with the imminent death of the fixed (switched) telephone network, more and more people are reluctant to invest several hundred euros in a fax machine. That's good. Today there are several online services capable of sending and receiving faxes through a single e-mail address.

The MyFax application

Before going any further, you should know that you will not find on the Play Store applications that will allow you to send an unlimited number of faxes for free. Most services offer paid packages with the advantage of being able to send documents wherever you have an internet connection..

The MyFax application turns an Android smartphone into a fax machine. Note that new users benefit from a 30-day trial period. This will allow you to try the service. If you need to send more pages, you will have to shell out some money and opt for one of the packages offered.

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Download and install the MyFax application on your smartphone
  • During the configuration, you will have to choose a local and free number according to your place of residence
  • Click on the Send Faxes button
  • Enter the number of pages to send
  • Add the subject of your mailing as well as the document to be sent
  • The scanned document can be saved in different formats such as PDF or Microsoft Word
  • You also have the possibility to add a cover page
  • Press the send button

You will then receive a confirmation message to let you know that the fax will be delivered to your recipient. The MyFax application offers the possibility of storing faxes in the cloud. Fax sending can also be done by email in a few seconds.