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What to do with your old smartphone?

How to Choose the Best Phone For You

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Resell your mobile
Give a second life to your smartphone
Multimedia remote control
E-book reader


Are your drawers full of old used smartphones? Rather than letting them collect dust, why not give them a second life. We present several ways to give new life to your old cell phones..

Resell your mobile

The world of mobile telephony knows no respite. The new models follow one another at high speed. No sooner has a new product been presented than a competitor launches in turn an even more powerful model.

Obviously with such an offer, it is very difficult to resist the temptation. As proof, Android smartphone owners keep their devices on average for a little less than 3 years. However, many of these phones end their life in the drawers when there are many ways to give them a second life..

As you know, buying a new smartphone is a big budget. Reselling your old device is therefore the ideal solution to significantly reduce the costs associated with this purchase.

You might not know it yet, but your phone is actually a virtual gold mine. You just need to find the right platform to resell your smartphone at the best price and to estimate its price. You will find more info in the link opposite..

Give a second life to your smartphone

You have decided to keep your old device. No problem. We have listed in this section several ways to make the most of the potential of your old smartphone. If you want to secure your home, know that it is quite possible to turn an old phone into a security camera.

To do this, you just have to download an application and invest a few euros in a mini tripod in order to install the phone where you need it. In the event of insufficient Wi-Fi speed, you can even connect your new surveillance camera to your operator's mobile network by adding a SIM card.

In addition, note that some applications offer a cloud system allowing you to watch the videos wherever you are. The motion detection function will send you a notification of any suspicious movement.

Multimedia remote control

Most audio or video devices today are connected to the Internet. Whether you have a connected television, a box or a video streaming device (Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick) there is a good chance that it has a remote control application.

So rather than piling up all your remotes on the living room table, why not download each of these mobile apps to your old phone and use it as an Android remote. This tip is particularly useful, especially when you have several electronic devices at home.

E-book reader

You are passionate about reading, but you find the price of hair straighteners very high. Here again your old smartphone can be of great use to you. You download the free Amazon Kindle app for Android and you'll have access to the world's largest eBook library.

This reading application is a real success. The ergonomics are perfect and the user has the possibility of adjusting the font (size of the text, alignment parameters), to leave notes, to consult his reading progress or to know the remaining reading time.