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What to do when you lose an AirTag?

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How to put an AirTag in lost mode


AirTags allow you to discreetly track the position of your most precious objects. However, due to their small size, it is very easy to misplace them. Fortunately Apple offers different features to find them or even deactivate them in the most serious cases..

How to put an AirTag in lost mode

Apple's AirTag is very popular with the general public. It must be said that this little Bluetooth beacon turns out to be pretty but also very useful for locating a lost object. And if we add a reasonable price and a quick start, we can easily understand the enthusiasm of the customers.

Setting up an AirTag is done in seconds. Once connected to your iPhone, just attach it to your keys, your bag or anything you don't want to lose. These are now geolocatable in real time. Small important clarification, you cannot use the AirTag to track or spy on a person..

Obviously one of the flagship features of the AirTag is lost mode. You never want to need it, but when it does, you are happy to have it. If you cannot find your AirTag, you will have no choice but to declare it lost.

The operation is done from an Apple device (iPhone, iPad or Mac). Once Lost Mode is activated, other iPhone users can locate your AirTag and then contact you to return it to you..

  • Launch the Find My app on the iPhone used for pairing your AirTag
  • Tap the Objects tab at the bottom of the screen
  • Find your plotter in the list
  • Tap the name of your AirTag
  • Select the Activate function located under the Lost Mode option
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen then press the continue button
  • Remember to enter a phone number or email address so that the person who finds your lost item can get back to you.
  • You also have the option of entering a short message
  • Check the Notify me when it is located box
  • In this way you will receive a notification directly on the screen of your iPhone as soon as the signal from your AirTag will be accessible again on the Locate application.
  • Press the Activate button to finish the lost mode configuration

The lost AirTag search system is now activated. As soon as a person with a compatible iPhone approaches your AirTag, it will automatically detect its presence and send information to Apple.

You will then receive a notification telling you that your AirTag has been located with its exact position. If the person who finds your tracker has an iPhone with an NFC reader, they can scan it and display your phone number or your email address that you have previously configured in lost mode.