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PS4 controller - this is how it works

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Reset the PlayStation 4 controller

Is your PlayStation 4 controller no longer working properly? Then reset it! We'll show you how to do this here..

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Image: <span> Joeri Mostmans / Shutterstock.com </span>

If all of a sudden your PS4 controller doesn't do what it's supposed to, it's not necessarily broken. First, try to reset it. Read how to reset a DualShock 4 controller below

Reset the PlayStation 4 controller

To reset your PlayStation controller, you need the controller, your PS4 console and a long, thin object - for example a toothpick or a needle.

  1. Switch off your PS4 console and unplug the power cord . Then, pick up your PlayStation controller and turn it over. On the back, you should see the reset button in the right area, near the L2 shoulder button . It is a small indentation to the left of the screw hole.
  2. Take the long, thin object and press it into the small hole. Press and hold the reset button for about 3 to 5 seconds to reset the PS4 controller.
  3. Then you need to connect the controller to your PlayStation with a USB cable. Then press the PS button to pair the devices.
  4. If the controller glows blue , a connection has been established successfully. You can now disconnect the USB connection. If the controller does not light up, you can try another connection cable. If that doesn't work either, contact PlayStation Fix & Replace Support or try to exchange the device in the event of a warranty claim.
The reset button is located at the top right on the back of your controller.