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How to locate your Galaxy with airplane mode on

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How the offline location of the Samsung Galaxy works
Enable offline location


The vast majority of phones today have a tracking system that allows them to be located in the event of loss or theft. Unfortunately this service is only functional if the smartphone is connected to your operator's mobile network or to the internet. With the arrival of One UI 3.0, owners of a Samsung Galaxy will now be able to track and locate their phone even when airplane mode is activated. We explain how it works..

How the offline location of the Samsung Galaxy works

Like what Apple offers, Android devices incorporate a whole series of protection functions to prevent unauthorized people from using your phone. You can also view the phone's location on Google Maps, ring it or lock it remotely.

If you tend to lose your smartphone often, this solution will provide you with many services on a daily basis. Small important reminder, the function locate my device of Android requires that your phone is on and connected to the Internet to be able to use it..

Concretely this means that if your lost smartphone is in airplane mode, this service will be of no use to you. With this in mind, the Korean manufacturer Samsung has just added an offline location system to its devices that works even if Wi-Fi and cellular data are disabled.

You are probably wondering how all of this is possible. On paper, the operation of this new device seems relatively simple. It relies on a location network formed by all of the Galaxy phones..

As soon as a Galaxy smartphone passes near your lost phone, it will retrieve its location and automatically send it to Samsung's servers so that you can use the tracking feature. If you don't have this phone model, here are two tips for locating a turned off smartphone.

Enable offline location

The new offline function of the Find My Mobile tool will show you the location of your mobile even when it is in airplane mode. To take advantage of this service, you will first need to activate it on your Galaxy.

  • Open the settings function on your phone
  • Scroll the window
  • Select the option Biometrics and security
  • Check that the find my mobile function is activated (toggle switch must be blue)
  • Click on the Find my mobile section
  • Make sure that the search option is offline then by clicking on its name you will access a sub-menu
  • Don't forget to activate location encryption for better protection of your personal data

Now you will be able to locate your phone even if you left it in airplane mode. Obviously this only works if Galaxy devices connected to the internet are near your lost mobile.