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Should you turn off your smartphone from time to time?

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Is it dangerous to leave your phone on all night?
Should you turn off your mobile phone to improve its functioning?


Let's be honest, we keep our smartphones on all the time, day or night. Some experts recommend turning them off regularly in order to save battery power. Others will explain to you that frequent ignitions may damage the components. Should you turn off your smartphone at night or not? This is the question we will try to answer here..

Is it dangerous to leave your phone on all night?

Smartphones never seem to rest. Indeed, a large number of users, if not all, leave their phones on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some do so for fear of missing a call in the middle of the night while others use their phone. smartphone as an alarm clock.

However, many experts think that leaving your phone on all night is not necessarily a good idea. A phone on is a phone that continues to send and receive data over the internet..

All these operations require energy and contribute to reducing the autonomy of your device. Obviously nothing will prevent you from connecting your phone to an electrical outlet. But remember, the more you increase the number of charge cycles, the more you shorten the overall lifespan of your phone. Not to mention the fact that you should never leave your phone charging overnight.

All this is all the more unnecessary since it is quite rare that we wake up at night to consult a message, a notification or make a call. Also, it is strongly advised not to sleep near a turned on smartphone. Even if the harmfulness of waves (4G, 5G or Wi-Fi) has never been clearly demonstrated, many health experts recommend that users limit exposure to radio frequencies as much as possible..

You should therefore turn off your phone at night or switch it to airplane mode if you use it as an alarm clock. If you opt for this second solution, remember to move the phone away from your head during the night. Indeed, the majority of telephones still emit (weak) radiation once the airplane mode is activated.

As you can see, extending your phone at night brings many benefits. This increases your phone's battery life while reducing your electricity consumption. On top of that, you limit your exposure to electromagnetic waves.

Should you turn off your mobile phone to improve its functioning?

Modern phones were designed to stay on all the time. As these mobile devices do not contain any moving parts (apart from the vibrator), the risk of premature wear of a component is practically zero.

If you never turn off your phone, there is no need to worry about anything. Shocks and extreme temperatures (especially cold) are much more dangerous for the health of your smartphone than leaving it on standby overnight. A great heat or a great cold can affect can durably affect its components.

Regarding possible bugs, today's mobile operating systems can easily isolate software problems. In the event of a crash, the smartphone automatically closes the problematic application.

However, if your phone seems to be slowing down, there's nothing stopping you from restarting it. Remember to have your SIM card PIN code or your device unlock code before you turn it off. You might not be able to use it anymore.

As you can see, turning off your phone every night will not extend your life expectancy. However, some experts recommend turning it off completely at least once a week. This will make the remaining battery percentage indicator more accurate.