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Change the notification sounds for each of your apps

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Why is it important to customize your app alerts
Set a notification sound to one of your apps


Notifications play a major role in our lives. But beware, these alerts do not all have the same importance. The best way to stop being unnecessarily distracted is to customize the sound of notifications from your priority apps. This way, only the most important alerts will grab your attention..

Why is it important to customize your app alerts

We know that notifications undermine our productivity. Whether in a meeting, in the office or in class, the phone is a real scourge for concentration. It usually only takes a simple notification to find yourself scrolling for several minutes the news feed of your social network.

Notifications and messages are a major source of distraction today. Despite the incredible benefits that smartphones provide, sometimes it's better to mute them or turn off notifications altogether..

Of course, it's more complicated to set up in practice, especially for smartphone addicts. In other words, some people and especially young people become addicted to the phone to the point that they cannot stay more than 5 minutes away from their devices.

If you are faced with a flood of notifications on your phone and you refuse to put it on silent, you will have no choice but to prioritize the alerts..

Concretely this means that it will be necessary to assign a distinct ringtone to some of your applications. You will be able to configure your phone so that the music announcing the arrival of an email is totally different from an alert coming from your favorite social network.

In this way, you will be immediately informed of the arrival of an important notification without even having to consult your smartphone screen. By choosing alerts according to your needs and priorities, you minimize temptations and lengthen periods of concentration.

Set a notification sound to one of your apps

Notifications are designed to distract your attention. To stop letting your smartphone control your life, you should configure a personalized ringtone for each of your applications.

  • Open your Android phone's settings
  • Click on the Apps and notifications section and then on Notifications again
  • In this window, you will find the list of recently received alerts.
  • Tap the Show all link for the last seven days
  • Find in the list the application for which you want to set a custom ringtone
  • The new page will display the different categories of notifications related to this app
  • Choose the alert of your choice then click on advanced preferences
  • Press the sound signal option
  • Select the desired notification tone from the list

Android offers you the possibility to use your own audio files as a personalized alert. To do this, you will need to place your MP3 file in the Notifications folder of your phone and then go back to the sound settings as explained previously.