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How to display the program or the Recycle Bin icon

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How to prevent Windows from instantly deleting files

The Recycle Bin doesn't have to be on your Windows desktop all the time. Since it is certainly an integral part of the Windows operating system and therefore cannot be uninstalled, it can be hidden..

You, or maybe your computer manufacturer, did this to keep the office a little cleaner. What's perfectly fine is that the Recycle Bin is out of the way, but that makes it difficult to use.


Here's how to show the Recycle Bin again if it's hidden:

Windows 10: Open Desktop Icon Settings via “Settings” → “Personalization” → “Themes” → “Desktop Icon Settings”. Check “Recycle Bin”, after which tap or click “OK”..

Windows 8: Search for “Desktop icon settings” on the desktop and then choose “Show or hide common icons on the desktop” from the results. Check "Recycle bin" then press or click "OK".

Windows 7 & Vista: Right click anywhere on the desktop and choose "Personalize". Click on "Change desktop icons" on the left. Check "Recycle Bin" and then click "OK"..

Windows XP: In Windows XP, there is no intrinsic ability to hide the Recycle Bin but it is possible to do it through a program called TweakUI. If you are using Windows XP but do not see the Recycle Bin, it is probably because this program is used to hide it so you can also change the settings with "Show".

In case you prefer to keep the Recycle Bin out of the desktop, another way to access it is to search for the Recycle Bin through Cortana (Windows 10) or the search bar (most other versions of Windows) and then search for the Recycle Bin. '' open the program when it appears in the results list.

You could also start the Recycle Bin by running start shell: RecycleBinFolder, from Cmd but this is probably only useful in a minority of cases.

How to prevent Windows from instantly deleting files

If you notice that you are recovering deleted files from the Recycle Bin more often than you should, your computer may be configured not to ask you for confirmation when you delete files.

For example if you delete a document in Windows 10 and it will immediately go to the Recycle Bin without asking if you are sure you want to delete it. If you change the situation then you will have a chance to say No in the case of document or folder deletion.

To do this, right click or press and hold the Trash icon and select " Properties ." If there is an option named " Show confirmation dialog ", make sure it is checked so that you are asked if you are sure you want to move any documents or folders that you are deleting.