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How to connect the Huawei Mate 20  to the TV

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How to connect the Huawei Mate 20  to the TV


With additional services such as Netflix within its functions, this small box optimizes the performance and connection between the Huawei P9 Lite and a smart TV, allowing a simple connection to your Smart TV of this plugin, giving way to a unique experience. With the ability to reproduce clearly and quality from the phone itself, this technology specially designed for Android offers convenience and practical solutions.


With a view to recordings on H264, Miracast technology was included in several of the Smart TVs of the current market, so if you have a relatively modern one, you must have this option inside the TV. In cases such as DRM also applies streaming compatibility, so the use of applications, such as YouTube, will have a considerable increase in quality at the time of use. If this is the option, you just have to verify the compatibility of your phone with Miracast and its operation to start enjoying this space.

HDMI cable

For this case, it is important to take into account that in this type of modern devices, the common ports are HDMI-mini or micro HDMI, so an HDMI connection must be possible from your device, which despite having the cable limitation , you will also have a high resolution and graphic capacity to carry out the process you want. In this case, the phone's own interface is suitable for establishing the connection, however, from the Android online store you can find various applications that allow the link.

SlimPort MHL

As a practical option, the MHL or Slimport arises, which avoids the process of feeding the process with an additional energy input, as well as being the ideal alternative to ignore the HDMI connection as the main option. For this case, compatibility must be established and verified by experts and / or authorized agents of the brand, as well as in the case of the television to be used. Although the image quality will not reach the same performance as with the HDMI possibility, with the Mobile High-Definition Link you will have greater practicality when performing the process.

Via Wifi

Another method is by means of the wireless local connection. By having a Smart TV and the mobile device connected to the same Wifi network, the exchange of data or duplicate screen from the cell phone will be totally possible and therefore, even in a simple way, you will have on your TV the operation of the Huawei P9 Lite .

In each of the aggregates or networks arranged to make the connection, it is important to verify in the hands of an authorized agent and / or expert that both the mobile phone and the television have the possibility to make the connection, receive and maintain it, as well as If you have it, be activated and functional. With this you will avoid altering the ideal configuration of the devices, as well as the performance of these devices within the range of utility for which you have both.