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Android: forgot password

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Forgot your SIM PIN
Forgot your screen lock: Confirm your Google account
Forgot screen lock: reset smartphone

Forgot your Android password - what now? We'll show you a few ways you can regain access to your smartphone..

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Of course, it is a shock not to know the password of the Android smartphone any more. But that is no reason to despair. There are several approaches that you may take to regain your device. In the worst case, however, you will have to reset your device to factory settings.

Forgot your SIM PIN

It often happens that the smartphone does not have its own PIN or pattern. In this case, the PIN to be entered is simply the PIN determined by the mobile operator to unblock the SIM card . You should be able to find this in your cell phone documentation . If the SIM has been entered incorrectly three or five times, you will need the PUK to unlock it. You can also look up these in the documents. Most providers have these two numbers on the plastic card from which you broke your SIM card when you first used it. If you cannot find the documents again, contact your mobile operator . They can provide you with the necessary data.

Forgot your screen lock: Confirm your Google account

Note: Your phone must have a mobile internet connection for this method to work . A connected WLAN is not sufficient for this..

Your Android phone usually offers the option to verify your Google account if you have entered your PIN incorrectly ten times . If no notification is received after ten or more attempts, it is not possible to unlock using Google Account Verification. Then you have no choice but to reset your smartphone .
If you have entered your password incorrectly ten times, you can confirm your Google account by entering your Google address (usually ends with @ gmail.com) and your Google password . Via another device , preferably a computer, then access your Google account. You should have received a confirmation email. You can now use it to unlock your Android device .

Forgot screen lock: reset smartphone

Warning: If you proceed further, all data will be deleted from your smartphone! In order to avoid losing data, you should regularly perform an Android backup for data protection..

If none of the above methods work, the only thing left is to do a full device reset . This is not about the normal resetting to the factory settings, which you can do via the settings!
In theory, a reset is possible using the recovery mode of your smartphone. Incorrect entries in these can, however, have serious consequences. This is why you should consider bringing in a professional. You can send the smartphone to your mobile operator . They will then reset the device for you. You can find more details on the website of the respective provider. One major disadvantage : it can be expensive of around 100 € for you.