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Restart the FritzBox - this is how it works

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Restart the FritzBox router
Restart the FritzBox via software
Further problems? Restart other devices

Bad WiFi, slow internet, crackling phone: if the FritzBox is crazy, restarting the router can help..

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Even if it doesn't look like it, the FritzBox is a small PC with software. With this, of course, it can reveal all the problems and quirks that are regularly a nuisance on PC and Mac. The FritzBox is annoying because as a control center for all communication things at home it can cause a lot of problems. Disrupted or unreliable WiFi and Internet connections, strange behavior in smart home applications or poor voice quality when making calls are just some of the typical problems that can arise. But there is good news: in the vast majority of cases, something has simply jammed on the box. Just like on a PC or Mac, a restart usually provides a remedy.

Restart the FritzBox router

There are several options for restarting the FritzBox. If the FritzBox is not installed in a hidden place, but is easily accessible, it is sufficient to disconnect the FritzBox's power connection once. This rather brutal method is always recommended if the FritzBox really causes problems, for example because it has crashed or because it does not want to set up any Internet or WLAN connections:

  • Simply pull the power plug out of the socket.
  • Important: You should leave the connection disconnected for a few minutes so that the memory of the box is really empty.
  • Then you can plug in the FritzBox power supply again.
  • The FritzBox then needs up to five minutes until it is ready for use again.
  • Your devices will then automatically reconnect to the router.

Restart the FritzBox via software

The FritzBox restart via software is much more gentle. This method is always recommended when minor malfunctions occur, but the box itself can still be reached via the browser / WLAN.

  • To do this, open the FritzBox administrator interface at http://fritz.box with a PC, tablet or smartphone .
  • Then click on the menu item " System ".
  • Select the “ Backup ” sub-item and then the “ Restart ” tab .
  • By clicking " Restart " the Fritz box is restarted once.
  • This process takes around two to five minutes. During this time, all Internet and network connections are disconnected.
  • All your devices then automatically reconnect to the WLAN of the FritzBox.

Further problems? Restart other devices

If the problems with telephones, PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones or the smart home functions are not resolved afterwards, the problem may not be with the FritzBox at all, but with the connected device. You can validate this very easily: If several devices cause difficulties - for example the telephone and the Internet connection on the PC and tablet - everything indicates that the FritzBox is crazy. If only one device is problematic, that device is most likely the cause. Restart it to fix the problem..