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Install WoeUSB Ubuntu 20.04 | Create Windows 10 Bootable USB with WoeUSB

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How to install Windows 10 on Ubuntu 20.04 with WoeUSB

Bootable USB media has now become one of the best options we have for installing various operating systems from there. This facilitates the support work too much since we must not load several DVDs with the ISO image of the system. To achieve this there are various tools and one of the most common and special for this work is WoeUSB..



What is WoeUSB
WoeUSB is a utility that has been created with the purpose of allowing us to create bootable USBs and it is an application that is fully compatible with all versions from Windows Vista since it also supports 32-bit and 64-bit architectures and Legacy and UEFI modes.


Let's see how to install WoeUSB on Ubuntu 20.04.



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How to install Windows 10 on Ubuntu 20.04 with WoeUSB


Step 1

The first thing is to have two requirements:
  • A USB media of at least 8 GB capacity
  • The Windows 10 ISO image which we can download at the following link: Windows 10 ISO image
To install WoeUSB on Ubuntu 20.04, we are going to first install the PPA repository with the following command:
 sudo add-apt-repository ppa: nilarimogard / webupd8 



Step 2

We press the Enter key to complete this process:




Step 3

Now we are going to update the system with the following command:
 sudo apt update 



Step 4

After that we proceed to install WoeUSB with the command:
 sudo apt install woeusb 



Step 5

As we can see this dependency error is generated, to correct it, we are going to execute the following:
 wget http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/universe/w/wxwidgets3.0/libwxgtk3.0-0v5_3.0.4+dfsg-3_amd64.deb 


Step 6

Once saved, we install the package with the following command:
 sudo dpkg -i libwxgtk * _amd64.deb 


Step 7

Again an error appears, to correct it we execute:
 sudo apt -f install 


Step 8

We enter the letter S to confirm the installation:




Step 9

We update the system again:
 sudo apt update 


Step 10

Once updated we proceed with the installation of WoeUSB again:
 sudo apt install woeusb 


Step 11

We enter the letter S to confirm the process:




Step 12

We can access WoeUSb from Activities:




Step 13

When we open it we will see the following. In the "Source" field we activate the "From a disk image" box




Step 14

We select the ISO image of Windows 10. We click Open




Step 15

We will see it integrated. In the part "Target device" we select the USB medium connected to the equipment:




Step 16

We click on "Install" to start the process,




Step 17

We enter the administrator password:




Step 18

We click on "Authenticate" and we may see the following:




Step 19

If this is the case, we close WoeUSB and go to the Ubuntu file manager, right-click on the USB drive and select "Format":




Step 20

The following Disks window will be displayed, there we select the USB drive and click on Settings to choose "Format partition":




Step 21

In the next window we assign a name and activate the box "For use with Windows (NTFS)":




Step 22

Click Next and we receive the following warning. We click on "Format" to go to the USB format with NTFS:




Step 23

Here we will see the process.




Step 24

At the end we will see the following:




Step 25

Let's go back to WoeUSB and when selecting the ISO image and the USB, the process of creating the bootable USB of Windows 10 will take place:




Step 26

We can see that the USB is assigned the new name:




Step 27

After this, the process will come to an end and we can access the content of the USB where we see the Windows 10 installation files:




In case of seeing the error of "Not responding" of WoeUSB, we can force the expulsion without problem.

Thanks to WoeUSB it is possible to create a bootable USB in Linux.