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Create shortcut Disk Manager Windows 10

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Create Disk Manager shortcut in Windows 10

The Disk Administrator in Windows 10 is a central point to manage everything related to our disks and partitions in Windows 10, there it is possible to execute tasks such as:



Disk Manager Features
  • View current status of disks
  • Create new partitions
  • Assign or delete drive letters
  • Format the disk (s)
  • Modify the partitioning system
  • Create VHD and much more



We access this disk manager from Start or from its contextual menu but today getFastAnswer will give you the step by step to create a shortcut on the desktop of this disk manager..




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Create Disk Manager shortcut in Windows 10


Step 1

We right click on the desktop and then select the option "New - Shortcut":





Step 2

In the pop-up window we enter "diskmgmt.msc":





Step 3

We click Next to assign the name and apply the changes:





Step 4

We click on Finish and we will see the shortcut created on the desktop:





Step 5

We access the Disk Manager from the direct access:




This has been the simple process to create this shortcut and have a faster way to open this Manager in Windows 10.